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We provide a fully integrated solution for asset tracking and remote monitoring that is easy to use, scalable to any size job and provides real time data.

Our sensors are designed to withstand the toughest conditions and provide accurate readings.

We provide real time updates, showing current and historical Relative Humidity, Ambient Temperature and Wood Moisture Equivalent [WME].


Time and Cost Savings:

Our system reduces the need for manual scanning the equipment going out and coming back in, saving time and resources. It also reduces the costs associated with daily site visits.

Real-time Monitoring:

Remote monitoring allows for real-time tracking of equipment status and conditions. This enables quick response to any issues or emergencies, improving overall efficiency and minimizing downtime.

Data Analysis and Reporting:

The system allows you to generate reports based on the collected data, providing insurance companies with the required data.

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Equipment Monitoring
Asset Tracking
Job Site Monitoring

Our asset tracking system provides real-time updates on the current location of your equipment.

It not only allows you to see where your equipment is currently located but also displays its previous locations through our GPS tracking feature.

This allows you to have a comprehensive view of the movement and whereabouts of your assets at all times. With this information, you can efficiently manage your equipment, ensuring that it is in the right place when needed.

Whether you need to locate a specific piece of equipment or track the overall movements of your assets, our asset tracking system provides the necessary tools to streamline your operations and improve productivity.

How many times have you discovered after a number of days that the homeowners have been unplugging your equipment?

Our sensors with built-in accelerometers offer numerous benefits for equipment monitoring. By utilizing this advanced technology, we can accurately determine whether the equipment is running or not.

This feature enables us to gather real-time data regarding the equipment's operational status. With this information, you can proactively address any issues that may arise and minimizing downtime and ultimately enhance productivity and cost-effectiveness for our clients.

Our equipment is designed to provide accurate measurements and monitoring of various factors such as relative humidity, ambient temperature, and moisture content of water damaged materials.

With our advanced technology, we are able to precisely assess the level of humidity present in the environment and determine the extent of water damage in materials.

With our real time data, time and money can be save by knowing ahead of time if the job is completed or not.

The HM-3 Asset Tracking Humidity & Temperature Sensor with probe was designed to be securely mounted on a dehumidifier, with the probe extending to the output in order to measure and record the Relative Humidity and Ambient Temperature. Using an ultra low power chipset, nRF52 series and BLE 5.0 technology, it has a maximum transmit range of 300 meters (984 feet). The durable industrial design and the highest level of waterproof protection rating of IP66 will ensure that it can withstand the jobsite conditions. Designed with two screw holes for easy installation ( 2 screws and a 3M sticker included). Works with our HM-2 4G Gateway.

The HM-1 Asset Tracking Beacon is our strongest Bluetooth powered beacon with an accelerometer. Using an ultra low power chipset, nRF52 series and BLE 5.0 technology, it has a maximum transmit range of 300 meters (984 feet). Waterproof and dustproof and rated IP67 with a durable industrial design. It has two screw holes for easy installation ( 2 screws and a 3M sticker included). Designed to work with our HM-2 4G Gateway.

HUMIDITY MATTERS IOT has teamed up with Protimeter - Amphenol Advanced Sensors to introduce a new wireless moisture meter.

The HM-5783 Wireless Moisture Meter is a compact battery powered IoT device that measures Relative Humidity, Ambient Temperature and the Moisture Content of wood, drywall and other building materials. It will then transmit the data to our HM-4G Gateway which in turn transmits the data to our cloud server.

The stainless steel screws allow you to mount the meter into a hard surface to measure the Moisture Content / Wood Moisture Equivalent (WME).

HM-2 4G BLE Gateway with GPS

The HM-4G BLE Gateway with GPS using the latest Bluetooth® Low Energy protocol can scan data from various beacons and sensors and send it to the cloud platform through a SIM card. Its compact size allows for effortless installation in trucks, job sites, and warehouses, without the need for any setup

HM-1 Asset Tracking Beacon

HM-5783 Wireless Moisture Meter

HM-3 Asset Tracking Humidity & Temperature Sensor with probe

About Us

We are a cutting-edge technology company providing asset tracking solutions to the disaster restoration and construction industry. Our smart sensors and real-time monitoring tools make it easier for companies to manage their equipment while minimizing downtime. We are committed to providing the best technology solutions to our clients.

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